Personalised rock sticks and sweets are a unique product for advertising your business or can complement a special event such as a wedding or birthday celebration. You can choose the wording through the centre of the rock, the flavour and the outer colour. For rock sticks you can also choose to have a fully personalised colour label applied.


Lettering is formed through the centre of the rock in a traditional handmade process. To ensure the clearest possible wording, we only form words in capital letters and numbers.

We allow a maximum of 15 characters in sticks and 18 characters in sweets (a space between words is classed as a character). However, we find that wording is most effective when it is kept simple and short.


The outside casing of the rock can be in one solid colour or up to 4 coloured stripes of your choice.

Due to the nature of the rock making process and as we are using food colours, there are some restrictions on the types of colours and shades we can achieve. Unfortunately, we cannot provide colour samples as colouring a small sample of rock would not give the same shade as colouring the actual batch.  As we mix colours by hand, there can be a small variation in shades between each batch.


We have a vast range of flavours available to choose from.


A fully personalised colour label can be applied to rock sticks.  If you supply us with an image or photo and wording, we will put together your label for you and supply you with a proof prior to printing. 

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